The sweatlodge/inipi is a physical, mental and spiritual purification ceremony. For the north-American indigenous wisdom, the inipi represents the womb of mother earth. We enter in the inipi to let go of what we don’t need for our daily life, to let go of our fear, anger, depression and every single thing that don’t really belong to us. Once we go out of the Inipi we reborn as brand new people, as brothers and sisters from our same mother, regardless our color or where we come from... we all are one.....

The sweat lodge/inipi is the oldest ceremony known in the American continent. In the ancient days it was a daily life practice, in order to keep a healthy body, still mind and a strong spirit.

The sweat lodge / inipi ceremony consists of 4 rounds or 4 doors, each one has a meaning:

  • First round is for giving thanks to the Creator, giving thanks for every gift in every single day of our life
  • Second round is for you blood family, to ask healings and blessings and everything they may need.
  • Third round is for all other relations, like friends and relationships, to have a good balance within our lives.
  • The fourth round is for yourself. In the indigenous traditions first we offer to anyone, and then we ask for our selves.

Anyone is welcome to join our sweat lodges , to pray and heal your self - All together as children of Mother Earth.
Please bring some food and drinks to share after the sweat lodge (like fruits, snacks, juices).

Roots of the Earth is a non profit movement with the aim of supporting ancient and indigenous traditions, to share their spirituality and knowledge with the whole world!
Traditionally the sweat lodge ceremony has no price, however we ask for a little donation to cover some of the expenses that comes along with this ceremony, such as wood, transportation, food etc...

Let us enjoy in harmony this ancient ceremony!


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